Mon May 29 12:23:48 2017 -0700Switch from .png to .svg for the link icon to improve rendering performance

Scaling the png file was taking a long time for chrome. Firefox was
faster at that, but now both are fast.
Sat Apr 22 15:03:25 2017 -0700Disabled the ipaddr mechanism for now.
Fri Apr 7 21:36:29 2017 -0700Make scanning ahead at known new id locations work better.
Wed Apr 5 14:01:14 2017 -0700Add ability to skip forward on the comment id's. Yoyo Chinese
has made a habit of that recently, perhaps due to the impending upgrade of
the site.
Fri Feb 3 10:03:35 2017 -0800Fixes scanning problem... inconsistenly used http and https. Now
we use https everywhere.
Mon Jan 9 12:17:08 2017 -0800Fix email address, and also get rid of the range kludge. It's the
wrong way to address the problem.
Fri Nov 25 14:25:56 2016 -0800Use xmlstarlet to drop the dtd from the xml doc. This should be
safer than sed if the doctype element gets split across two lines
Fri Nov 25 14:00:55 2016 -0800Fix problem with newer xmlstarlet trying to process, and choking on, the DOCTYPE element
Thu Apr 14 12:01:58 2016 -0700Revise passwd
Sat Dec 19 19:21:47 2015 -0800Re-add the sed command. Still needed for some reason. :/
Sat Dec 19 18:15:12 2015 -0800Get rid of the "publicly-visible" adjective since we now log in to
the web site to retrieve comments. The only difference between the
logged-in and publicly-visible is that server caching is disabled
logged-in users.
Sat Dec 19 18:12:23 2015 -0800Several fixes. Seems that when logged in, using the https protocol
doesn't work. Anyway, using http might be faster.

Also get rid of the sed command.. that was a hack for working around
problems matching name spaces, but I think it's better to work around them
prefixing the element with _: which means "any namespace".
Sat Dec 19 15:39:53 2015 -0800Add log in capability. Switch to using curl consistently instead
of some wget, some curl.
Thu Dec 17 01:21:58 2015 -0800Slightly increase the wait after resetting the NetworkManager
Thu Dec 17 01:09:43 2015 -0800Improve output slightly
Wed Dec 16 20:28:04 2015 -0800Add an ability to check the [flaky wireless] network connect
and if it's down, restart it before proceeding.
Wed Dec 16 19:52:50 2015 -0800Fix check for new comments.
Mon Dec 14 23:03:19 2015 -0800* Add locking to prevent several instances running.
* Start backing up the rss.xml file using git as poor-man's database
Fri Oct 2 18:20:47 2015 -0700Fix bug in gathering comments. It was confused by embedded links
Thu Sep 10 10:00:38 2015 -0700Removed debugging code
Wed Sep 9 23:51:35 2015 -0700Fix problems with XHTML 1.0 conformance. There is still one error and one warning, but I think they are bugs in the validator.
Fri Aug 28 16:38:53 2015 -0700Get rid of commentary
Fri Aug 28 16:18:38 2015 -0700Upload the short feed first.
Fri Aug 28 16:15:49 2015 -0700Fixed element we are looking for to grab the comment text. I don't know how it was
working at all before!
Thu Aug 27 14:05:35 2015 -0700Web site changed a bit how the comments are placed in the web page,
so change the scraper to match the new format.
Tue Jun 16 17:40:23 2015 -0700The location of the lesson series moved slightly. This change compensates
for that movement.
Fri May 29 19:53:55 2015 -0700Yoyo Chinese made a change to the way comment info is emitted to
the web page, and this change required modifications to the
"page scraper". I think it's fixed now.
Fri May 29 19:52:38 2015 -0700Fix problem when admins delete a lot of recent posts in a row,
for example if the reply using the wrong account.
Sun Apr 19 15:07:24 2015 -0700Two cosmetic changes:

1) Give instructions about what do when an @username link doesn't work
2) Remove the useless header.
Sat Apr 18 18:04:45 2015 -0700Move the link to the left hand side to clean up the look of the
comment feed.
Sat Apr 18 15:13:18 2015 -0700Fix up the links for the case when multiple posts are accidentally
made and later all but one are deleted by YYC.
Sun Mar 29 16:59:19 2015 -0700Add an id attribute to each category so that I can provide more accurate links.
Wed Dec 10 15:38:54 2014 -0800Fixes table layout for newer browsers

Later browsers seem to have changed their defaults on table layout. This
commit explicitly gives the layout settings needed to make the table
easy to read.
Sun Nov 2 23:27:43 2014 -0800Add new question
Tue Sep 30 10:04:00 2014 -0700Fix problem that occurs when running gpg under cron
Sat Sep 13 17:23:46 2014 -0700Fix tone of "er" (two)
Fri Sep 12 21:49:08 2014 -0700Upload encrypted info
Fri Sep 12 21:43:52 2014 -0700Pull in the answers into the FAQ, instead of having them simply as
links. The code for doing this was largely taken from the code
that generates the comment feed, and uses the same database.
Thu Sep 11 14:39:17 2014 -0700So apparently "seconds" is "sec", just like "minutes" is "min"
Thu Sep 11 09:27:10 2014 -0700Add a new category for typography and change the existing tag
from typography to tone_marks, because it's more specific
Thu Sep 11 09:26:05 2014 -0700Fix a bug in the processing of minutes. The actual string used on the
web site is "min" instead of "minutes" or "mins"... probably a typo
on their part, but whatever...
Thu Sep 11 00:08:39 2014 -0700Turn off some of the debug output
Wed Sep 10 22:48:49 2014 -0700Add some comments to try to figure out why the relative time
seemed to be zero all of the time. Oddly, it seems to be OK now.
Wed Sep 10 01:10:04 2014 -0700Fix some problems handling special characters
Sun Sep 7 16:07:45 2014 -0700Add key (a.k.a. lesson series) back again.
Sat Sep 6 22:05:44 2014 -0700Update the header to show that it updates more often now.
Sat Sep 6 22:04:08 2014 -0700Suggest that the page reload every 15 minutes instead of every hour.
Sat Sep 6 21:36:29 2014 -0700Print out local times for posts
Sat Sep 6 20:48:50 2014 -0700Remove unused "tags" variable
Sat Sep 6 20:41:25 2014 -0700Utils for dealing conversion to and from english time durations
Sat Sep 6 20:31:06 2014 -0700Store times as absolute numbers instead of relative time strings
Sat Sep 6 14:43:02 2014 -0700Checkpoint
Sat Sep 6 12:40:27 2014 -0700Checkpoint
Wed Sep 3 21:46:57 2014 -0700Shorten up the text for the links, because the extra info provided wasn't very useful.
Wed Sep 3 21:34:41 2014 -0700Finish up adding the Disqus thread and links to it.
Wed Sep 3 17:28:51 2014 -0700Add Disqus forum
Wed Sep 3 14:51:15 2014 -0700Fix the question for the tag think_feel which was completely wrong.
Mon Sep 1 00:28:21 2014 -0700Misplaced tag... should have been on niubi not on lihai, though
their meaning is related.
Mon Sep 1 00:11:28 2014 -0700Fix up wording a bit. Remove the bit about it not being complete...
it's complete now (more or less)
Sun Aug 31 03:54:34 2014 -0700Removed an unused tag
Sun Aug 31 01:41:28 2014 -0700Add some more tags
Sat Aug 30 01:23:57 2014 -0700More tags
Thu Aug 28 00:14:06 2014 -0700Optimize the crappy loop I was using so that grep is used more effectively.
This seems to have sped up the loop by a factor of 10 or so.
Wed Aug 27 23:54:16 2014 -0700Added some new tags to the dictionary
Wed Aug 27 22:02:10 2014 -0700Fix problem with location where the dictionary is read from
Tue Aug 26 22:12:50 2014 -0700Add a decent looking header contains links back to the comment feed.
Tue Aug 26 19:50:20 2014 -0700renamed script to be more evocative of what it does
Sun Aug 24 09:58:56 2014 -0700checkpoint
Sat Aug 23 23:58:11 2014 -0700* Add separate tag dictionary file
* Add question categories
* Add check to make sure all tags have FAQ's
Thu Aug 7 13:04:32 2014 -0700Fix arithmetic comparison
Fri Jul 4 21:49:39 2014 -0700Create real bar graphs of comments on each lesson page,
and upload the results to the website at beginner.html,
cots.html, grammar.html, intermediate.html, pinyin.html
Sat May 3 13:07:04 2014 -0700One lesson has nearly 100 comments which is close to the 20 star
limit. Up the limit to 25 stars which gives the capability of handling
up to 264 comments.
Fri May 2 23:35:02 2014 -0700Shorten up the link in the histogram
Fri May 2 23:16:29 2014 -0700Add logrithmic bar chart for comment count
Fri May 2 01:05:55 2014 -0700Add histogram capability. Currently not visible on the web pages.
Thu Apr 17 01:02:43 2014 -0700Get rid of non yoyo chinese related scripts
Sun Mar 9 11:50:00 2014 -0700* Add a reply-to-commentid so that we can do interesting analysis
* use xmlstarlet to sort the comments instead of a kludgy bash command
* in test mode, use a different directory, and don't upload the results
Sun Mar 2 15:31:29 2014 -0800Fix bugs and improve readability of the web page
* the XML SAX parser can split content across several calls, so the
logic needed to change to accomodate that, to concatenate the pieces
* change the look of the entries in the generated web page so that it's
a bit more attractive and easier to read
* Fix bugs where characters are not getting properly XML-escaped in the
generated web page.
Sun Mar 2 02:18:09 2014 -0800Add capability to find out and display who a message is replying to
if it is a reply.
Sat Feb 1 22:07:56 2014 -0800C program for processing the field in the rssyoyo
xml file. It prepends a numeric value to every comment element
so that I can use the Linux 'sort' utility to sort the comments.
Very hacky but effective.